What are the Steps to Follow When Updating WordPress


OCT | 2016

wordpress updating steps

The WordPress upgrade system is improved a lot and there are some important steps you have to take to ensure that your upgrades go smoothly. Make sure that updates and upgrades should be done during off peak hours, it usually comes night time. But it purely depends on your site traffic pattern. The reason why you asked to upgrade during low traffic time, because in order avoid the situation if something goes awry. Updates depend on your need and in some case you don’t have to update everything, but here is the proper sequence of update followed by WordPress Development Company.

Back Up Your Site

A backup ensures that you have an alternate action plan if something goes wrong. Always do back up your website database that you can do via phpMyAdmin and back up your themes and plugins.

Turn Cache Off

Turn off or deactivate your caching plugin in most of the website will be having Quick Cache, W3 Total Cache or Super Cache. This is to ensure that cache is not interfering during the update process.

Update Plugins and Theme Framework

WordPress updates are accompanied by plugins and theme updates. First of all update all of your themes and plugins before upgrading WordPress.

Update WordPress

Now it’s time to update WordPress and it can achieve by just clicking automatic upgrade button and the process will start automatically. Sometimes it will take couple of seconds to complete so don’t lose your patience’s.

Turn on Your Cache Plugin

Turn on your caching plugin and clear out. Suppose if you are using W3TC and Synthesis, don’t have customized configuration and it’s time to update W3TC.

Recheck Your Site

Take enough time and look over your website and check all pages, links and posts. If you see something isn’t working properly, try to fix it then and there without delaying.