Website Performance Statistics Analysis


SEP | 2015


Creating an eCommerce Website just for our purpose and leaving it unused when we have invested the valuable time and money is what is going on now a days. It is your right to know about the website whether it is worth or not. Once you have an online presence it clearly means that you are connected to all over the world and millions around the globe and your website will be seriously lacking something if you don’t get a single update from the website. .

The given below are the several ways to get the website statistics report and the key parameters through which the web page analysis of the website can be done.

  • Compatible website design should be provided with the business for which you have created.

  • Long scrolling down home page should be avoided.

  • Except for videos there should not be any flash files in the website.

  • Website should sprinkle out a fresh feel and look as it actually reveals the unique behaviour.

  • Social media widgets are to be given as per the new trends.

  • It should be in accordance of the SEO tools and parameters that the meta and the keywords has to be decided.

  • Proper navigation should be provided to the inner pages.

  • Short domain names are to be provided as long ones harm for the SEO purpose.