Web Application Security

We are always focusing on areas with the highest risk and mainly map web application technical security vulnerabilities. These help you reduce any future attacks.

Our primary goal is to protect your site from internal and external attacks. Yarddiant provides comprehensive security services for web applications. Our security services are most efficient and we mainly provide services like penetration testing, mobile application testing, spear phishing and anti-phishing. We have expertise in web application security across various platforms such as PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, Java and C++.

Areas included in Web Application Security

  • Configuration errors
  • Testing for known vulnerabilities
  • Reduce risk and enticement to attack
  • Application loopholes in server code or scripts
  • Advice on data that could have been exposed due to past errors
web security

Benefits of Our Web Application Security

Web application attacks mainly occur in xss (cross site scripting) and SQL injection attacks. Thus we perform application security testing services to identify external vulnerabilities for this technology including front end and back end. The following are the technologies used in web application security

  • lack box: tools are vulnerability, web security scanner and penetration testing.
  • White box: static source code generator.
  • Fuzzing: tools used in input testing.
  • Web application fire walls: provide firewall type protection.
  • Password cracking: tools are testing password strength and implementation.

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