Web Application Security Tools


APR | 2015

web application security

Nowadays there is an increase in the number of hackers very active in hacking websites and thereby leak in data. Due to this it is important to test the security of the web applications. This is where the Web Application Security scanners act effectively. This is a software program that does an automatic testing (black box) and identifies the threats if any. Scanners used here only does the functional testing, find the issues and do not access any source code.

There are lots of paid as well as free website application scanners for finding the threats. Here we have provided some of the best and free open source website application threat scanners. The list only includes the open source tools that is used to find the security issues in the website applications and it do not include the tools that finds the server vulnerabilities. There are lots of other tools that is freely available but do not provide the developers with the source code.

The best open source penetration testing tools for website application are given below.

  • Grabber

  • Wapiti

  • WebScarab

  • Zed Attack Proxy

  • Skipfish

  • W3af

  • Ratproxy

  • Wfuzz

  • Watcher

  • SQLMap

  • Arachini

  • X5S

  • Final Word

  • Grendel-Scan

  • Open source tools can be defined as the tools that give the developers with the source code. And so the developers are able either to alter the tools or enhance in the future development.