Ways to Secure Your WordPress Blog


OCT | 2016

Ways to Secure Your WordPress Blog

Securing your blog from hackers as well as malware is very important. WordPress has become the best choice for blogging, because of it hackers are keep on targeting WordPress blog/sites. The main reason behind choosing WordPress for blogging and website development is, WordPress is very flexible for developers as well as non-technical people and it has got lot of features which will improve the website performances as well. WordPress Development Company always used to follow secure ways while developing a website or a blog for their clients. Let’s have a look on to the ways to secure your WordPress blog.

Protect Your Plugins

Plugins are the main choice of hackers and through plugins hacking is easy, if they have got flaws in them. Hackers will easily find out which all plugins you are using is to go to /wp-content/plugins/ and the solution for this is put a blank index.html file in wp-content/plugins/folder.

Regular WordPress Update

Updating WordPress is super easy to do, but the surprising fact is that a large number of people are not updating WordPress regularly. Don’t update your WordPress immediately after the release just wait for the bug fixes to come for the latest update, and then go for update.

Choose a Good Password

Picking password also has some importance, use good password. Avoid using the same password which you have used for some other sites. Create a memorable password mixed up with UPPER case, lower case and number in between. Keep change your password regularly too.

Change The Admin User Name

The WordPress username is admin by default. Many numbers of people don’t change it. The main why you should change your username is, if a hacker has your username then he is half done getting into your website. Next he need is your password that he will guess. Migrate to new user it is easy to migrate posts from one user to another. Delete the admin and migrate all your posts to new user.

Limit The Access to Enter Their Password Wrongly

By using plugin limit the number of times user can enter their password wrongly many times. You can the control how many times users can enter their password and how long they are locked out.