Ways to Keep Your WordPress Website Secure From Hackers


SEP | 2016

wordpress hack to secure

WordPress security is frequently overlooked, and when a hack happens this can prove failure to your business or blog site. The absences of security can often be attributed to a lack of understanding of how someone hacks websites, and this is why it is so important to keep your investments remains safe. Once gets hacked only will think about backup, ensuring your website and keeping recent backup to correct the issues if something went wrong. The researchers came to a conclusion that the reasons for the vulnerabilities are due to keep WordPress up-to-date. Now let’s see how to keep your website hacker free.

Regularly Backup Your Website

The most important thing is to ensure that you have a regular backup of your website including database and everything. This will help you to fix issues. There are many WordPress hosting providers do offer free daily backups.

Keep Update Your WordPress Installation

WordPress update offers the biggest risk to your website, if you have an adequate backup of your website you can always be able to restore and fix if a WordPress update breaks the website. Without updating WordPress is not a solution, that hackers will take advantage of it.

Update Your Plugins & Themes

Always try to keep all plugins and themes up-to-date because each and every plugins and theme has potential threat. Those with vulnerabilities could provide backdoor access to your websites admin panel.

Choose The Best Hosting You can Afford

During WordPress Development choosing host is very important because around 40% of all hacks were due to security flaws from host side.