Walking House


JUL | 2015

Walking House

Houses are normally a stationary objects and it provides areas, facilities for sleeping, preparing food, eating and hygiene. There is a new prototype house that can walk on six legs. Walking House is a modular dwelling system that enables persons to live a peaceful nomadic life, moving slowly through the landscape or cityscape. It is 10ft high and powered by solar panels and outfitted with kitchen, toilet, bed etc. It can move as the speed 60 meters in an hour.

Some features of Walking House are,

  • The house as an average carrying capacity of 4 people and can be modified for more.

  • It house can move across all types of terrain.

  • The windows of walking house are made with polycarbonate and insulated with wool.

  • When it is walking the three legs are in the ground for the balance and stability.

  • Its weight is about 2645 pounds ie, about 1200 kilograms.

  • It can be easily equipped with various forms of productions like green houses, small factories etc. This unit is in hexagonal in shape and has large windows in each end. The house can move into all direction by the ‘High motor function’ and also the height can be adjusted. There is a composting toilet system that allows sewage to be disposed. Walking house no requires permanent use of land, it makes a statement that all land should be able to be used by all persons. To collect energy there is solar panels and wind mills and there is a system for collecting rain water too. The walking house is created by aluminum, steel or woods. The house is also miraculously cost effective and easy to build.