VPS Hosting for eCommerce Website


APRIL | 2016

VPS Hosting for eCommerce Website

Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine that given by the internet hosting service and it can provide you access to a private server, which is virtual. You can customize, install, configure and by using this hosting plan you can manage your own server. It is technically both dedicated hosting and shared hosting. VPS hosting is good for eCommerce website mainly because they have private IP, therefore there will be no problem when other sites makes an spamming or any other issue.

Benefits of VPS Hosting for eCommerce website,

  • Isolation

  • When other user on your host makes problem with server, there will be no impact on your service. If they makes problem to the server, only their server will crash and it will not effect yours.

  • Speed

  • There is no problem with the other VPS hosted on same machine, you will get your guaranteed speed. The RAM which you buy will be there always for your operations and it will be there without effected even if the others get effected on vps hosted on same machine.

  • Root Access

  • To install some applications, you want root access. There is no root access for shared hosting. The root access begins with vps hosting.

  • Space

  • Many shared hosting providers tells that they have unlimited diskspace, but in real, they have a hidden clause for using space. In vps hosting you don’t have to worry about the space and you will get your reserved diskspace.

    VPS hosting can provide you such control and customization facilities that you won’t find with any other hosting plan. It is easy for a new user to get started with a VPS hosting plan. The customer support given will be very useful and you can make use of it.