Top WordPress Features That Turn Your Business Website Productive


SEP | 2016

wordpress features

To have your own website built, you probably have multiple alternatives, when it comes to choosing a fine, reliable website development platform. Among those platforms (i.e. PHP, ASP .Net, HTML, different CMS platforms and more), making the right choice may not be as easy as a pie. You cannot go for a random choice after all. However, you can certainly explore what others have to suggest to you before you actually come down to your final choice.

Based on the business-centric requirements, approach the best WordPress development company to take the first productive step towards the goal achievement, as the CMS is simply a great platform.

Key WordPress features

  • User-friendly Operations

  • WordPress does not require you have programming skills and only the zeal to own it. You can create new pages, create the drop-down menu, publish blogs, upload images, and edit existing content when required. You perform each of these tasks from a user-friendly GUI end. However, you may need some sort of help from experts to customize the website or make business-centric changes.

  • Cost-effective Development

  • WordPress is an open-source CMS and is available for download for free. To own a professional website built on WordPress, you need to spend money on the development task only and not on any of the additional tools. In other words, you save too much of money that was supposed to spend on web customization tools. In fact, at the development phase, you can get started from the scratch if no inbuilt theme matches your theme of the business.

  • WordPress Community of Themes & Plugins

  • WordPress has millions of active users the world over, which have made their own themes available to other members of the community. You can download these themes and make the required changes in the code. The WordPress community also has various plugins that enhance the functionality of your website and introduce new features as well. Many of these plugins are free while a range of paid plugins is also available for download.

  • SEO-friendly Platform

  • WordPress provides several SEO tools that help the online promotion of your website easy and productive. You can customize the URLs of various pages of the website as per the SEO standards to power your online business in the desired manner. Custom URLs are friendly to the search engines and help improving the rank of your website in the result pages.

    These significant features support your decision of WordPress development a productive step towards a healthy business establishment.