Top plugins that enhance wordpress internal search


MARCH | 2015

Top plugins that enhance wordpress internal search

Search Everything

Search everything that improves the default functionality of wordpress. There is no need to modify the pages of templates included in it. All that has to be done is to install the plugin, configure it and just to search. We can configure into search attachments, comments, custom fields, pages, drafts and more. Certain posts and pages can be omitted from the search fields, however as this do not extend the content that is password protected.


  • Search all the custom fields, comments, excerpt, tag, draft, page and much more

  • Searching approved comments only

  • Exclusion of posts and/or categories from the searches


This is a plugin that replace the standard search engine WordPress including variety of features and options that are configurable. The instructions given are very simple to understand and followed once you have installed it. This includes both free and paid version. The key features of relevanssi are given below.

  • Partial words will be matching even though complete words do not

  • Finds the documents that matches simply just single search term or those that require all words appear

  • Search term highlights when clicked by the user in the documents through search results

  • Displaying search results in order of relevance instead of date

Google Custom Search

This is the third one in the list. If there is a need of Google’s search engine in your blogs then this is the one that should be looked into. In this it uses the Google’s search engine for the search, still it provides you the option for the search in multiple domains and sites when compared with the other two plugins given above.

The search result it provides is displayed in three kinds of ways.

  • Resizable pop-up dialog box

  • Under search box and within the widget

  • It is also displayed anywhere within the code

Even though this plugin do not have an extensive documentation, the main points that gets the plugin configured will be covered by the site of the developer.