Top 5 mistakes to be avoided in keyword research


MAR | 2015

Top 5 mistakes to be avoided in keyword research

It is very essential to choose an appropriate and best set of keywords for building and setting a good SEO campaign. One should be rally careful in the selection of keyphrases or else your site would attract wrong type of consumer that would eventually lead to less rates of conversion and also dip in the search engine rankings. The given below are a list of mistakes that should be avoided while doing keyword research.

1. Paying attention to competitors

All your competitors do not target the right keywords and you need to check what they do lighten the business. You need to evaluate the keywords used by your competitors by visiting their website and check and decide whether they are relevant or not.

2. Ignore the current ranking

This is one of the major mistakes done by most of the people. Consider you start a large SEO new campaign. You will be excited and ready to set up the new updates or content ignoring the existing one. This is absolutely a great mistake if you don’t check the current search rankings and deciding to optimize those keywords that are strong enough.

3. Not being specific

During the starting time ideally you select a wide variety of keywords where only some say one or two targets should be kept as phrases which are set as general ones. It is because the ones that we keep as specific ones of phrases will cost less in case of PPC and there is chance for it to get into the top of the organic search results quickly with higher ratios in conversion.

4. Focus on large number of keywords

Consider you target about 30 sets of keywords that occur in a 300 word set of content, and then you will be pointed to the Google’s spam filter. It is very tough to target and track 30 keywords with more than 10 pages. It is recommended to proceed with a little key words and gradually add to the campaign.

5. Selecting all keywords with Selection Tools

This tool is a scientific tool in choosing phrases. It is seemed that this is not a perfect way and this may lead you down to large expense. You can use selection tools but is wise to write the content organically. Regular check up of the site status is to be done to find out the keywords that make the consumers in. This would help to keep text and content with controlled costs and remain in getting with a better chance of the results that you desire.