Tools for Optimizing Images


DEC | 2014

Tools for Optimizing Images

Once the images of the website are optimized it will lead to a large boost in the performance of website that helps you in a hike in page ranking. Here we have given a list of tools that are used to optimize the images. It is recommended to try Google’s Page Speed Insights and also Yahoo’s YSlow for testing of website page and also to get faster suggestions. The given below are desktop applications and online tools where nearly all of them are free. is an image optimization tool which is used online. This is made by the Yahoo Developer Network. It does not change the actual look or the quality of visibility even after the optimization. Due to that it is also called a lossless tool. It processes images of JPG, PNG and GIF type that can be up to one mega byte of size.


Trimage is mainly used to optimize files of JPG and PNG. Depending on the type of file, it uses AdvanceCOMP, OptiPNG, Pngcrush and also Jpegoptim. Here also the images are compressed on the highest kind of available compression lossless level.


This tool supports PNG, JPG and GIF formats. We can compress up to 20 files with maximum size of 500 kb. PunyPNG consists of comparing side by side against other tools.

This is an easy to use tool made for being single tool for the optimization of images. provides us with many tools like cropping and resizing of the images, lossy and also lossless options of editing and also has a wordpress plugin. There are direct store optimized images in Rackspace Cloud, Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure.


ImageOptim is a Mac application that mainly optizes for images such as GIF, PNG and JPG. This is well known for the integration of the batch of tools that includes Zopfli, Gifsicle, PNGOUT and Pngcrush. Parameters of best compression can be found and the unnecessary comments and the coloured profiles can be removed.