Tools for Competitor Keyword Research


FEB | 2015

Tools for Competitor Keyword Research

Before assigning a new keyword it is recommended to evaluate the competition for that keyword. This method of analysing the competition of keywords in the market is termed as keyword competition. Depending on the competition in the industry and on the popularity of keyword there can be variation in keyword competition. Below listed are some free tools that helps to find the different keywords that are being used by your competitors. These tools are mainly used for the keyword reasearch analysis of eCommerce website development and other websites.

Open Site Explorer

This comes under SEOmoz; therefore you can access the open site explorer once you log in to your SEOmoz tool. By entering the competitors URL and preceding to the Anchor Text Distribution tab this tool can be used for the keyword searches and ideas. You can view a list of 20 keywords that is been used by your competitors for the link building of anchor text. This will let you know about what they target and the strength of the link building campaign with the root domain numbers and anchor text links that you use.

Google adwords tool

This is one of the most popular keyword tools. We use this tool to go to columns and check the keywords that is been extracted from the webpage. This tool focuses on the particular page from the particular domain but not the index page of the domain. If the particular or any other similar page is missing then there will be no keyword suggestions for that.


Instead of giving just the score of your traffic this tool helps you to see the queries of the keywords that let you bring a hike in traffic to that particular keyword. There is a Site Info tab where you have to enter the URL of the competitor. After getting the details, the search analytics tab will show you the top and the main queries that drive traffic to the website.