Tools to become a better eCommerce blogger


DEC | 2014

Tools to become a better eCommerce blogger

In the process of blogging there are many sub processes like researching, writing and editing. There are tools which should be taken into use for the success of all these processes. This would surely make you a better blogger. Here I have listed those tools which would help you to become a successful blogger. Whether doing an eCommerce Website Development or any other platforms these are some of the tools that everyone should be aware off.


Google is the most ideal and best search tool where you can begin a research on the topic. It’s a place where you don’t have to limit yourself for the searches. There are varieties of tools offered by Google for us like News, Images, Maps, Blog search and many more. The usage of Google images in the blogs and other articles would gain you inspiration and more information


There is no better tool than twitter to find the valuable information. Twitter also offers a wide variety of tools to filter the informative content in the form of @username, keywords, hash tags and much more. You can see several people linking the same URL in their tweets. Thus the posts will convey its importance and relevance.


LinkedIn provides us a rich and wealthy content which has been either written or will be referenced by the people whom we are connected to. If many of the connections share and post the same interests then it is not at all a risky task to find the contents which you draw upon.

One tab

It is not easy to handle as many as 10 or 20 browser tabs all opened together during the research phase. It will be confusing while going from one tab to another which can be solved by using the tool called as one tab. This would make your process easy. It combines the multiple tabs into an easy flow list. This is available in chrome and Firefox browsers. Once we have opened all the relevant and necessary tabs we commit them into a One Tab. There is also option to delete the needed tab from the list if found that the relevance is being lesser.


This belongs to the final stage of the editing process. We use a checking software platform called Grammarly to check and correct the grammar mistakes in the article or the blogs. It finds mistakes like the use of passive voice, verb tense mistakes, incorrect vocabulary and many more


There are people who are not much experts in using photo editor like Photoshop. Here we could use the help of pixlr. Pixlr is a basic image editing platform. We could crop the pictures, reduce the image sizes, add cool filters, and combine the images into multiple layers and so on.


After completing all these steps we could commit the post into wordpress. If the posts are of long in nature and formal in tone it is best to use wordpress platform. Wordpress have an ability to explain the content which is been copied from word and also omits the extraneous codes like HTML and CSS that would bloats a word document. It also contains very rich and stunning editing features that would make us wordpress friendly.