Tips for eCommerce product marketing using video


DEC | 2014

Tips for eCommerce product marketing using video

Videos are being incredibly featured powerful tool and also an underused marketing inbound tool. Statistics tells us that nearly 80% of the visitors and consumers will spend time to watch a video where only 20% only will read the given content. It’s time to have a high rethink if you stay on text to attract the consumers. Here we give a few tips that will help your eCommerce Website Development to create more marketing of your business.

Filming of products from where they are used

If you want to bring everything like that of the studio with perfect lighting and settings, your consumers will really need to see those that you display in motion. The functionality of your products is being displayed here instead of the look of the products. It will be better if you make sure that there are great audio and lightning resources available for the use and then it is only necessary to show your products in motion.

Telling a story

Once after showing them the video of the products then next is to allow them to tell the story. This would make added advantage. This will go hand in hand with the first point. We should be able to reach out to the consumer/buyer personal and make them understand how these products would soothe their requirements. The story could be spontaneous or scripted. Whatever it is the customers need to know how will these products meet their necessity. Take chances and go ahead.

Focus on the products

There is no need of celebrities or models for the show off of your products. In fact featuring of anything else but goods will lead the consumers to stop the video. It’s a fact that 45% of the users will stop watching the video just after 1 minute actually there is no time to spend on anything else but the goods itself.

Why to be worried if you have good content

The previous point will scare you from the expansion of your goods but you really don’t have to get worried of it if you have a good theme. It is a fact that 45% will stop watching the video just after one minute. But if they simply can’t stop watching the video what happens? If you have a good and an interesting story that would make your consumers don’t let to take their eyes off the screen then just go ahead and tell it.

Optimizing search

It is a must to include keywords and phrases of search while uploading or else it is of no use and will not help in any manner while uploaded. Make sure to use the text and phrases that the competitors are less likely to use. This would result in more mileage in the search. This is important for the YouTube videos, as these appear in higher results of search than that of branded websites.

Keep an eye on metrics

If the videos you upload are not good there wouldn’t be any one to see it. It is apt if you keep an eye on the stats after releasing it to the world. Promotion strategies are to be taken if the viewership is very less. Just change and fix an appropriate keyword that would increase the viewership. Paid promotions are recommended. You could also try for flaws that could be fixed if everything fails.