Three Important rules for Social Media Optimization (SMO)


JAN | 2015

Three Important rules for Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) for a website is being grinded to a fine art. For years now the entire companies are devoting efforts in order to define the best and the eminent practices for increasing site performance on search listings. Social media Optimization is a technique which is really simple. It includes implementing changes for the site optimization therefore it gets linked easily will be visible highly in search results of social medias on custom searches. It will be included frequently in more numbers in relevant posts on podcasts, vlogs and blogs. Here we have provided 5 rules that help us in guiding for conducting a client website SMO.

Increasing Linkability

We give an important priority for this. There are many sites those are rarely updated, used just for a storefront and can be called as ‘static’. For the optimization of an eCommerce Website all that should be done is to increase the links associated with that content. It will be of great step if adding a blog however there are other ways like producing white papers, thought pieces etc.

Tagging and Bookmarking

There can be features like quick buttons that makes the tagging pages easy. There are other ways like making sure that the pages include list of tags that are relevant, notes that are suggested for a link and also tagging the pages on the top on almost all popular social bookmarking websites.

Rewarding Inbound links

This is used as a barometer for the success of blogs. The inbound links are rising heavily in the search results as well as in overall rankings. We really need to make easy and provide the clear rewards to encourage more of them.