Ten SEO mistakes to avoid for top search results


JULY | 2015

Ten SEO mistakes to avoid for top search results

For any inbound marketing way, the most critical component is the search ranking. It is very essential to have a top of mind for Search Engine Optimization when the case comes for writing content and the designing part of your website. According the statistics the results that appear in the top three positions will get the search query of about 61% and about 75% of the search engine users don’t scroll down the search results of the first page. The given below are the major ten SEO mistakes that are made so common.

  • Poor content quality

  • Content duplication

  • Copying Content

  • Keyword Stuffing

  • Broken Links

  • Non Unique Title tags

  • Non Unique Meta description

  • Avoiding the usage of analytics

  • Links that are non credible

  • Wrong keyword optimization

If you feel that you are in a struggle a lot to gain the submission in the search results, it says that your website is not optimized for the search. If you ensure that you don’t make any of the most common SEO mistakes then you can gain the website traffic through this organic search results. The common mistakes that should be avoided are keyword stuffing, duplicate content, links that are broken, and also title tags that are not unique. If not avoiding these mistakes then there are chances to get hurt in the search results.