Ten reasons for the drop in your SERP’s


MARCH | 2015

Ten reasons for the drop in your SERP’s

There are times your website may experience sudden collapse in the search ranking or well the traffic. In this case it is wise and important to check out the problem and fix even though you blame the Search Engine Optimization. Including a miscommunication or error there can be plenty of things that might have gone wrong. Before going to change these errors, here we have provided a list of ten reasons to be checked that explains why your SERPS has dropped.

1. Behaving spammy

Google might think that your site is a spam site and will collapse and drop the search engine ranking position if the following are done.

  • Use of links in every post’s

  • Selling links

  • Usage of black hat SEO

  • Contains dozens sets of links that points every where

  • Having ads all over

There should be a limitation in providing the number of links of your content and normally the count range is two to three links is plenty in a four hundred to five hundred words. It is also recommended to keep the content honest with good grammar and also should be genuine.

2. Use of Keyword Stuffing

You will have lots of keywords stuffed if you haven’t updated you pages of your website for years. Now Google’s algorithms will penalise anything that gets more than 1 or 2% but earlier it supported the keyword usage as much as 4%. One of the things than can be done is using synonyms and getting into your topic as different as you can like mixing things up.

3. Making number of advertisements

Presence of too much advertisement on your website page does indicate a spam site. The ads in your website page shouldn’t exceed in 20% of the space available.

4. Helpless Content

Preparing and setting a helpful content is very essential for getting hits. Otherwise your webpage would seem to be a fluffy one. Scanning and searching of informative and helpful content is something which Google loves. So it is better to have a unique informative and a helpful sort of content.

5. Having Duplicate Content

This is another way to get your ranking down. If the content in your site is copied or if it is present in your site twice, then we say that the content is duplicate. Tools such as www.plagspotter.com , www.copyscape.com are used to check whether the content is duplicate or not.

6. Site loading speed

There is a tendency for an average internet user to abandon the site that loads very slowly. Google do skip the websites that takes longer time to load within favour of the faster ones. gZip compression can be used to fasten the loading.

7. Better content in another website

If your competitor post’s a content similar to yours which is slightly better, then it is more likely to rank higher than yours. Better content will include those with better writing trends, better links for the article, informative than yours, increased page rank and much more.

8. Websites linked to you were flagged for spam

This can also be a cause for the drop in the SERPs. This happens mainly because if the website linking is found or considered as spam then there is no value for the links that points to your website. This spamming includes sale of links, and real spam. We can avoid this by getting links from high quality websites.

9. No recent update

Frequent updates are encouraged because Google loves fresh updates. If your website doesn’t have a blog page, then it is recommended to update the webpage atleast once in a month like including new features and policies.

10. Google’s Mistake

Last but not the least this is also possible for the sudden drop in the search rankings. Google can make a mistake and it might have flagged you spam falsely. If you doubt this you can ask them for reconsidering. This can be done from Google’s Webmaster Tools after signing up if you don’t have one.

There can be number of reasons for your drop in the SERP’s. Most of the errors can be corrected with the SEO included on your website or blog.