Strengthening shop’s Security in ease


MARCH | 2015

Strengthening shop’s Security in ease

Prestashop is an open source platform that evolves each and every day with an aim in keeping their merchants at the core centre of new decisions. This can be in developing new features, establishing new and improved user experience or can be improvements in security. Whatever the issue is these are carried with the community continuously. This is one of the reasons in taking interests to talk about the safety of webstore that you own. The given below are the information to read carefully in order to improve the store security.

  • Upgrading the store

  • Upgrading the store is an important aspect to be remembered although this might seem obvious. It is wise to check the last update. Indeed the new version released might contain security updates addition to new features and fixes.

  • Usage of complex passwords

  • It is recommended to avoid easy passwords that include your date of birth, pet name, native place etc. All you need is some unique and complex passwords for the store. Use of sequence of numbers, letters and a passphrase or special characters are the safe in making passwords. (for example : P43jssHG!27 or Oh!That’sVERYinteresting$ or even you can use like “i have to rethink.” ).

  • Including second password with a .ht access file

  • This adds an extra security to your login page. By setting a password using a .ht access file this acts as a second stage of your security that access the back office. Thus it is a double safety operation which leaves you to fix a second password and login that is known only by you. This should be provided before if you try to get to the back office page of login.