3 Easy Ways to Leverage Social Search in WordPress


SEP | 2016

social search in wordpress

For years Google and other search engines have been important for obtaining visibility on the web, yet today social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and other networks are major sources of traffic. These websites work a bit differently than Google. If you’re tasked with developing or running a WordPress website, you can’t afford to ignore social search, especially since it’s relatively easy to implement.

  • Open Graph

  • The major social networks came up with their own standards for website owners to customize how their websites appear on social media. The important features of this functionality are that you can choose a custom title, image, and description for your posts if you want text besides your standard meta tags to show. You can simply integrate Facebook sharing controls on your website by using the WP Facebook Open Graph Protocol plugin.

  • Twitter Cards

  • According to the Twitter documentation, Twitter Cards allow you to add rich media to Tweets shared from your website. Just add a few lines of HTML code and a ‘card’ is created which displays when a reader shares your blog post. If you’re looking to specifically integrate this feature into your WordPress website then have a look at JM Twitter Cards.

  • Rich Pins

  • Pinterest for the business feature, Rich Pins allows you to cover extra knowledge in your pins. Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest offers publishers with much more power. This feature not only allows you add article information to pins, but also lets your readers: instantly see location information, view recipes, purchase products, download apps, and see movie details.