Social Media Tools for eCommerce business


JAN | 2016

Social Media Tools for eCommerce business

With the presence of social media, customer review can be viewed, also what the social community and your competitors think of your business. There are several people who check the social media in order to get huge help to measure, analyse and create reports. You should ensure that the tools you choose should meet your business needs in a best way. There are a lot of paid tools that provide you with some trial so that you could try them before you put money on that. Here we have given a list of tools mainly for social marketers including a slight description of the features provided.

  • Social mention

  • The important factor for an effective Social Media is listening so that you will constantly monitor all the conversations about the brand, products, industry or service. Nowadays there are lots of tools for this process for you with most of them having paid monthly subscription. It converts the entire social media universe.

  • Argyle Social

  • It is one of the best tools for engaging and recognizing with the potential customers. Keyword monitoring and reporting ability are also the key features of argyle social. Using this tool it is easy for the customers to monitor the conversations, publish it, schedule the updates, and also bring the presentation ready reports.

  • Roost

  • Roost allows its users to set up several social networking accounts and helps to publish from any of those accounts at any time and is completely according to our preference. It helps to develop single or even a set of series of posts. It also have a calendar option which allows for everyone to see the number of posts scheduled for posting at any given time like day, week or even month.