Smart Ways to Integrate Social Media on Your eCommerce Website


MAY | 2016

Smart Ways to Integrate Social Media on Your eCommerce Website

Nowadays most of the people prefer purchasing stuff in online, so owning an eCommerce website is a good idea. Social media is omnipresent these days and many people have an active presence on one or more social media. So it essential to spread the world about your eCommerce website across the internet. By syncing products or services of your eCommerce store with social media offers can help you to drive more traffic to your site and also it helps to get the store a popular one.

Some common ways to use social media on your eCommerce website,

  • Place Share Buttons

  • Place share buttons like “Share”, “Like”, “Tweet”, “Pin” on your product pages and provide a way to increase the product awareness among wider audience. When followers see a friend sharing a product, they will trust that recommendation and it will bring more traffic to your eCommerce website.

  • Use YouTube to Showcase Your Product

  • While also featuring your product create videos that help the audience. By a survey, customers are 65% more likely to buy a product after watching the video. For that you want to create high quality video that gives instructions about that product.

  • Offer Social Sign-in

  • By latest survey, about 74% shoppers would rather abandon the website than go through the recovering of password, if they have forgotten their password. Social login will remove this issue because the users can login with credentials of choice and also we can mine more social data for personalized shopping experience.

  • Use visual content

  • Image content is more attractive than text content. Images are one of the most important tactic for optimize the social media posts. Make your product images shareable on sites, it will give more impact than text content.