Six steps for a good Site Map


AUG | 2015

Six steps for a good Site Map

A site map is simply an HTML page included on your website that shows the complete list of links to every page of your website. In simple words, a sitemap is like road signs or signposts given as information on the highways in order to help others to find the correct way. It is easy to create a site map page which could be helpful in all ways. Here we have given six steps that help you to create a good site map.

  • An HTML page for your website site map is to be created first.

  • A link should be added to every page of the website that should be noticed by others. Here there are lots of ways to design a site map page. But being simple is better. Usually an outline where format which is broken into parts works the best.

  • It will be best if you could include a brief description of the web page where the link goes. This would help the visitors to find the correct page.

  • Usage of your proven keywords in the description and also in the anchor text of the target page will help you to rank your pages better in the search results. But be careful not to use any tricks like keyword stuffing and similar process. Making it relevant helps you to reach success.

  • Next is adding a link to the site map page on other pages in your website so that the access becomes easy. Doing so a visitor can always get into each and every page of your website also the search engine robots will be able to find the other pages of the site.

  • Last but not the least the site map should be updated when there is addition of new pages.