SEO Tips to Increase Website Traffic


AUGUST | 2017

SEO Tips to Increase Website Traffic

In the web there are millions of tutorials available to teach you how to optimize the content to rank it higher in search engines. You should exactly know which of these are going to show better results on WordPress blogs. Here we are going to list certain highly effective SEO techniques which will surely rank your website or blog higher in the search results. All the facts given below can be applied in websites and blogs in any niches.

Why you should have a Responsive Design?

Google search works based on algorithms. According to one of the algorithmmobile-responsive websites are given higher priority in mobile search results. If you wish to rank higher in Google search results, you should make sure that your website is performing in all web environments perfectly. There are Google tips explaining how a mobile friendly website could easily rank higher in Google search.

Content is the mighty weapon

We all know that content is the king in whole internet. Anyone could blindly say that every website or blog should maintain quality content. If you have perfectcontent on your website, you can be sure that there will be an increase in the position ofthe search results.Always create content relevant to your website. The developed content should be free from errors .You should exactly know which type of people you are targeting and the content should be written for them.

Title of the Article

While writing an article the most important thing is title.You should have an eye catching title .Tee title should not be long; it should be crispy and accurate. The most recommended size of title is below 70 characters. You must make sure that the title is shown in search results of search engines. If title is too long search engines will cut the length of the post title

HaveProper Permalinks.

Permalinks should be short and clear. Every article will be having a permalink.This is one of the core factors when search engines are considering our page.There is variety of opinions when search permalinks are considered. But Google states that permalinks should be very simple and should be in human understandable format. When you have a perfect permalink, searches will be directed to your page.

Images should be optimized

Like texts images also have an important role in search engines. Images are added in articles to make the article more attractive. Adding a perfect name for the image file will rank you higher in search results. You must have noticed that while showing the search results Google shows images along with the articles. In an area images alone is displayed and when you click the image it will take to the concerned article or page where the image is published

Sitemap creation

In wordpress there are many plugins that can be used to meet the SEO requirements of the website. Google XML sitemap is one of the most important one. This is a free wordpress plugin that generates sitemap in your website automatically.This adds to proper indexing of your website.

Select SEO-friendly Templates

InWordPress there arethousands of themes available. There are premium themes and free themes.Certain themes will be fast and mobile friendly. These kinds of themes will get optimized easily in search results. This will increase the chance of visibility of your article in web.