SEO tips for top ranking in Search Engines


JAN | 2015

SEO tips for better ranking

SEO tips are to be followed in order to make your site rank higher. Once you fix the below mentioned tips then it can be seen that your ecommerce cart moves to pole position. 5 simple SEO tips that are very effective and easy to implement are given below. You can gain better organic ranking on Google that would help you to dominate in the search results. These are some of the tips being used on our client websites and have seen success within span of time.

Free directories registration

This is the first and the foremost part. Register the eCommerce Website store with the directories. This could be a bit time consuming one still it is one of the best ways to move up your site to the top rankings. Here you need to figure out the keyword that is to be used by your site for search engines.

Optimizing tags

Tags are represented in html code that are read and are dissolved by Google and other available search engines and spider robots. They can be used to define and to make up the website for the evaluation of the search terms that are most relevant to the website. Another important thing that should be kept in mind is to add the Title Tag of the page. The appearance of the title tags will be in blue letters for pages and Google search results.

Attention to your URL

For URL to be optimized there should be intelligible names. It is more recommended to use hyphen between the keywords instead of space between the keywords. It is better to avoid those URLs with too many numbers or those that are too long as the keywords are pretty much important to Google.

Remove duplicate content

If two different URL contains the same content Google detects it and fix it as duplicate content and it will judge it as one with less qualitative value. Therefore it is better to avoid duplicating the content to get free from search engine penalty.

Adding hypertext links to the pages

Page Rank option in Google will allow the search engine to extract the relevance of the website. It is very clear that the site ranking at the top will appear in the top most positions in search results. Adding the hyperlinks leading to your pages will help you to rank better in the search results. Building links that forms partnerships with other sites/stores that adds links to your products or sites.