SEO Techniques


MAY | 2015

seo techniques

Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be called as a technique or strategy that will bring your blog or website at the top most positions of the search results of Search Engine Result Page (SERP) such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Search Engine Optimization is also a convention of organic traffic by the online visitors on your blog or website. In order to find the apt results there are mainly three types of Search Engine Optimization techniques that are given below.

  • White SEO

  • This method increases the ranking in the search engines. In this technique we follow the rules of the search engine. Here we have to ensure that the article and the posts the we post are purely our own and also should be in accordance with the name of the title that we provide. Visitors can view that and can also return if required. This is a slow method but positive results are sure in this case and therefore strongly recommend this way.

  • Black Hat SEO

  • This is a technique that is opposite to that of white hat SEO. Here also it is trying to improve the search engine rankings in a way that is not allowed by the Search Engines like breaking the rules or cheating scatter machine. The given below are some of the black hat SEO techniques.

    1. Hiding links and texts

    2. Keyword stuffing

    3. Livestock link

    4. Making spam commenting on other websites

    5. Doorway and cloaked pages

    There are lots of ideas for a true black hat to feel the Search Engine. This is certainly a risk to our website. Google will suspect the activity done and your website can get banned by Google.

  • Grey Hat SEO

  • This is a combination of both White Hat and Black Hat SEO. This is a transformation of white hat to black hat and vice versa. Grey hat SEO technique is a fast technique that can bring more visitors but not as much as a black hat SEO. There are chances that Google suspects such activities.