Seo In WordPress


JUL | 2015

seo in wordpress

WordPress has been one of the key platforms in this website building era. WordPress is one of the best, if not the best content management systems when it comes to Search Engine Optimization . Plugins had been the key in WordPress . There are special plugins for Search engine optimization. When we create new pages or posts, it take some time to index the new page by search engine. Wordpress offer the chance for you to add update services to speed this up.

  • In WordPress we can apply SEO to any theme that we selected. That means, in WordPress every theme have impact on SEO.

  • The website should be using a proper permalink structure for URLs.

  • Search engine optimization had been the most booming technique in the marketing though the online media. Many wordpress development companies started booming up with the new feature of built-in SEO. Installing an .xml sitemap plugin is vital for WordPress blogs. Major three factors for above ranking is that first you want to make pretty permalinks. The default setting for Permalinks isnt an efficient URL structure for SEO. It wants to be descriptive of what you are reading. Another major factor is that, always create SEO title and description. The SEO title and description will encourage searchers to click on your page. Another factor is to improve the load speed, by improving the load speed the searchers will not get distracted and they will search more on that site. To measure your load speed you can use the tools like pingdom.