SEO for Ecommerce Websites


MAR | 2016

Seo Ecommerce Website

When you dealing with ecommerce website, you want to look many things in terms of SEO. You can be successful as an ecommerce marketer by focusing to improve your search ranking and website traffic. But this is more difficult or complicated for ecommerce website. The basic thing that to do is publishing good content, quality in-bound links, backlinks and maintain social media campaign. Ecommerce search engine marketing (SEM) makes customers easy to find you at any time.

  • Duplicate Content

  • Duplicate content is the content which is more than 1 location on the internet. You want to avoid the duplicate content on your website. Duplicate content will be caught by the bot and it will affect your website reputation and it will lower your ranking in serp. There are many tools to check whether the content is duplicate or not.

  • Schema

  • Schema markup is code that you put on your ecommerce website to help the search engines return more informative results for users. Schema tells the search engine what is your data means and some of that content gets indexed and returned in a different way. You want to make sure the schema code written in your website is correct or not. There are tools to check the correctness of schema code.

  • Canonical Tags

  • Canonical tags are used to specify the source url of a given page in search engines. The search engine like Google, Yahoo etc will see the links,, as distinct pages.