Secure your Blog from Online Attacks


DEC | 2015

Secure your Blog

In the present era of internet technology, hacking is a serious issue that have to be dealt in depth and prevented. There is a wide tendency to hack the blogs. It is possible for your enemy to get back at you just by hacking your website. But these hackers are looking for targeting in ease. It is a full time job in keeping your website secure and also free from hackers. Here we have given some ways that ensure you do not be an easy target.

  • Blog Software Up gradation

  • The reason why do these blogs release the updated software every week is been understood as of now. For the improvement of wordpress code effort is been taken by thousands each and every day. There are hackers who will try to figure out how to exploit the security vulnerabilities. Most of the time effort is been taken to strengthen this security. It is recommended to upgrade regularly so that you will have the latest security fixes.

  • Update Plugins

  • It is through the vulnerability in your plugins that the hackers will try to gain the access to your blog . Due to this the creators of these plugins will release updates often that are more secure. Therefore this should be taken as an advantage and the plugins should be updated regularly.

  • Hide Your Plugins

  • This is one of the best ways to protect your site from hacking because the hackers won’t know where to begin to hack your website if you hide the plugins that you have. By looking your wp-content/plugindirectory the hackers will find out the plugin that you use. Creating a blank document and saving and uploading it as index.html will prevent anyone to access it easily.