Role of fashion blogger at fashion week


SEP | 2016

role of fashion blogger

The way fashion show are produced is changing, becoming more organized and digitalize. Sometimes I think, is it necessary to attend fashion show by fashion bloggers as well as press for all sort of publications for fashion blog and newspapers, they can just sit at home and watch live show through TV or Internet. They can do their work comfortably, quickly than attending the show. No matter where you are in the world and you can watch the show without any disturbance.

What do you need out of it?

So what is the role of fashion blogger at fashion week, it really depends on each individual fashion blogger. The main intention of going for the show is conduct interview, meet people and network, build good relationship with brands, get photographed and taking your own photos.

What readers do expect?

Websites like Vogue, WWD, and ELLE as the encyclopedia for all of the fashion shows of the season. Generally people wish to read edited version of the information in your way of presentation. Perhaps the reason why they are following your fashion blog.

What is your Priority as a Show Attendee?

Frankly speaking it is little painful to tell, fashion blogger don’t rank so high priority as fashion show guests. The reason because there’s the newspaper, magazines, celebrities, retailers, designers family and friends a lot to compete with! But years ago respect for fashion blogger at fashion week was 10X times better than now. The reason is nowadays some many fashion bloggers covering the show.