Robust eCommerce Platform


OCT | 2014

Robust eCommerce Platforms

An eCommerce website should be strong enough featuring advanced protection and security, insights, real time analytics, and also integrations of enterprise-grade to enhance the online website stores which make transactions of dollars in millions in sales. These enable the online customer’s to scale and manage the business without inconvenience of assistance, expensive resources of IT etc. The eCommerce Website Development service should have facilities for the clients that include access to new and improved capabilities that are made to enhance the performance, reliability requirements, and flexibility.

  • Advanced Protection and Security

  • In order to increase the Google search rankings it is necessary to feature site-wide HTTPS with the increasing shopper assurance.

  • Real-time analytics (Customer level)

  • It recovers the lost avenue evaluating the behaviour of customer purchase and optimizing the merchandising and inventory. It also evaluates the performance of the campaign and the return of the investment in real time per customer.

  • Optimized store performance

  • Ecommerce Development Company’s infrastructure should join a large global network of all the data centres ensuring responsiveness of the site visitors and the online store merchants across all the geographies and page load.

  • Enterprise Grade Integration

  • By using hundreds of grade integrations the online merchants can extend their store capabilities of the online carts. To run a global, popular online store, it should be integrated from the enterprise resource planning also the inventory management till email marketing and accounting.