How to keep readers Coming Back to Your Fashion Blog


SEP | 2016

fashion blog readers

A Fashion blogger always looking for a back traffic to his/her fashion blog. To bring visitors back to your fashion blog is little difficult but handwork and effort surely bring them back to your fashion blog. Also it will increase the flow of new traffic to the fashion blog. First you should be regular in doing things which means you should update your fashion blog every time. Once you get re-visit in high rate which shows your fashion blog has become popular one. Let’s see how you can bring back traffic to your fashion blog and make them stick by following some tips.

Frequent Post

Consistency is major key in fashion blogging. Consistency in doing things will find success, to bring followers back to your fashion blog required frequent post on your blog. Try to post once in week at same time and same day which shows you are serious about fashion blogging. If you doing like this your followers will be very happy and new visitors also get attracted by your practice. Always notify them if you are going to take a break otherwise followers will get disappoint and misunderstand. Keep posting frequently.

Social Media

Social media is inevitable platform for fashion bloggers, and it is the best way to keep the followers engaged. Most of the people will be following social media sites which you have linked your fashion blog. Facebook and Instagram is best platform for publishing new posts. In Instagram you can post promo of upcoming posts to inform your followers. In Facebook you can share your posts which you have done on your fashion blog.

Quality Content

Followers will always looking for quality content instead of quantity. So try to give them the best, by understanding reader’s tastes. Make your content clear and concise and choose your photos wisely. If you want to share more photos then use gird pattern instead of posting many, it looks overcrowded and unorganized. Don’t bother about quantity of content even if it is less quality should stand one step ahead.