PSD to WordPress Conversion to Build an Efficient WordPress Website


FEB | 2017

psd to wordpress conversion

To get started with the web development using WordPress the foremost step is converting PSD files into WordPress that need a lot of detailing and attention of the developer. To convert PSD to WordPress, one need to have a good technical expertise and experience of HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. Presently, there are many ways to Covert PSD to effective WordPress themes. Check out the most effective methods of PSD to WordPress conversion and select the best method for your PSD conversion to build a fully functional website.

Hiring professional services of WordPress designers

This is the most effective method of converting PSD designs into beautiful WordPress themes. Hiring an experienced WordPress designer or developer might be a little expensive affair but in long run, it provides several benefits like W3C standards validation, cross browser compatibility, pixel perfect and semantic coding, hand coded markup, clean code structure, customer support, money back policy or 100% customer satisfaction guarantee etc. A skilled and professional WordPress designer use his knowledge and expertise and can create website according to your need and target audience, but one choose these designers very cautiously and must check the authenticity of the developer.

Commercial Premium WordPress Template

This method is another way of getting professional and commercial templates for your WordPress website as several premium themes are available over the web. But one must be very cautious while choosing online templates and themes as some of them are worthy and some are worthless. One must choose online templates and themes which match your specific requirements and needs.

Using Conversion tools or Softwares

This method saves time and money but it also has several limitations like there are always chances of errors in coding structure and graphic output when using these tools. Moreover, this software saves images to GIF format only, therefore, it takes more time to download such large sized images.

DIY(Create or Customize on your Own)

Creating entire coding yourself is the most difficult method as it needs immense knowledge about markup languages and HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. Last but not the least, powerful understanding and years of experience in PSD to CSS/WordPress conversion theme serves as the key to success as you get the desired outcome when you create a website on your own. But this method is tiresome and time-consuming in comparison to other ways.