Practice Management software


JUN | 2015

consult doctor
  • User can select the department and select the suitable doctor from the list of profiles.

  • Every doctor will be having a detailed profile showing his consultation days and time.

  • A calendar will be displayed to select date.

  • Booking will be done on slot basis which will avoid waiting time for patients.

  • OTP message will be generated when booking is successful.

  • Appointment rescheduling and cancellation can be done.

  • Online payment can be done if needed.

  • There will be an admin panel to view date wise booking and appointment.

  • Admin can get any sort of reports or analytics to see the working of software.

  • Admin have the complete freedom to make any changes in the system.

  • All the process can be done simply as if using asocial media.

  • Phone booking or the normal procedures can be followed along with this system.

  • These are the basic requirements for an online booking system. As this software is used by the public the user interface will be the most important factor. The whole system can be integrated into any website. An error free system of this kind will add to the growth of hospitals and clinics. Providing continuous support and maintenance will increase the life time of the software.