Points to be considered before choosing an eCommerce platform


FEB | 2015

eCommerce website consideration

eCommerce development platform is one of the most essential and prominent factor for selling online goods and services. For the present entrepreneurs there are numerous solutions that are available for the empowerment of ecommerce website development. The problem arises in selecting the option that fits the best for the ecommerce business that you look for. Ecommerce features and functions will change likewise the change in online sales. Taking an example, earlier mobile ecommerce wasn’t of much importance but now each and every good platform of ecommerce take mobile ecommerce as one of the major process in this industry. Here we have included some major questions that every ecommerce entrepreneur should keep in mind and ask while choosing a new platform of ecommerce website development.

Affordable cost

The advantages of ecommerce business are that these come in variety of sizes including all budget ranges and even with different price ranges. All that matters is the estimation of the amount you afford to pay each month for the basic software that you own. It should also be kept in mind in meeting expenses like fees for hosting, transaction fees or payment card fee.

Time to get started

There are software’s that act as a service for ecommerce platforms. These can be set up and can go live within a matter of hours. Whereas other solutions will take much time like months to deploy. Therefore it should be known how soon your website should come live and the time you can invest for its development.

Looks and its function

While looking each and every successful online website store one thing to be noted is its looks and its function. All online stores that run well will have its looks and function properly done. The first time shoppers are those people who need to have much trust in your business and therefore site aesthetics is one of the key parameters of trust.

Loading speed

Web pages with less loading speed will hurt the ecommerce websites. Studies have been conducted on the effects of the ecommerce websites due to the slow loading of these pages. One factor that has significant influence on the loading speed is the software architecture that lies inside the ecommerce website development platform.