Points to be Double Checked Before a Website Launch



Checklist Points

There are points where you spend lot of time for the website launch preparation. It is something that you and everyone else push up to get it live. There are certain small and very important features that is to be taken care of to get your website live and if ignored will cause serious and more problems in the near future. It is very important to take time and view each of these and run through this checklist and make right solution. The following problems should be cleared before your website gets launched. These are done for eCommerce Website Development as well as for other websites. .

  • Reviewing the content to be added

  • Setting up of SEO strategy for success

  • Doing a double check-up on the design details

  • Site functionality focus

These are the main four points that should be overviewed to make the website perfect. Review of the content added helps you to find the grammatical errors or the extra space included in the content. The spelling mistakes that you owe in the content added will make it less professional. The check list includes all of the site headers to the paragraphs till the lists needed to be thoroughly checked so that it looks accurate. Thus the content added will be perfect after clearing those errors.

Page title is an important aspect of the website due to the fact that it helps the customers or the visitors understand what the website contains. Also try to answer these questions while functioning as an SEO for the website.

  • Are the keywords utilized properly?

  • Are the Meta tags put in appropriate places?

  • Do all of your images contain alt tags?

The SEO strategy of your website is to be reviewed if you can’t confidently check and clear the yes box of all these questions. Third point tells us that we should note how the site looks in other browsers. The picture that appears in chrome may not look perfect in Firefox. Make sure that you check the following.

  • In devices like tablets, android and iphones the site pages are compatible

  • Correct working of paragraphs style

  • Scripts are to be optimized

There will be some feature that you may have taken much time to set up on the site where you want your visitors to engage. It should be made sure that it works by testing it out. It is necessary to work everything starting from the forms to your social media icons that redirects to the integrations of third party. It is also recommended to test the site with different.