Plugins for Fashion Blog


SEP | 2016

plugins for fashion blog

Plugins provide additional features and functions to your blog, and there are thousands of plugins to choose from. While there are a few plugins every blog should have, such as JetPack, others are designed with specific subject matters in mind. Here’s a look at some of the most important plugins available for fashion bloggers.

  • ShareThis

  • Every blog should integrate social networking, particularly those that deal with interesting topics like fashion. ShareThis provides 120 social sharing buttons, providing you to choose the ones that are most important for you, and adds them automatically to your blog posts and pages. It also provides social analytics to help you track your social shares.

  • Ajax Post Carousel

  • This plugin shows your recent posts as a carousel with a thumbnail to represent each page of content. The animated widget is particularly best for fashion blogs due to its visual and interactive nature. It is also extensively customizable, ability to select posts by category, time published or even completely custom taxonomies.

  • Image Zoomer

  • Any great fashion blog needs high-resolution images to truly shine, but creating them literally jump off the page isn’t always simple. The simple Image Zoomer plugin offer visitors to zoom in on any image on the page simply by moving the mouse pointer over it.

  • Post Template

  • Many fashion blogs have one or more daily or weekly features rather like a magazine or newspaper. Post Template offer you to create templates for posts that belong in a series so that you don’t need to format each post separately.