Why Personal
Wedding Website?

There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding, and organizing a wedding in the right way can be a daunting task. This is where having a wedding website can prove to be of most importance. It’s an excellent way to keep all your guests informed about details regarding your wedding. Your well-wishers can easily drop their queries, suggestions and wishes. Displaying your photos before and after your wedding make your page more interesting .Having a personal wedding website means you don't have to worry about last minute changes as you call the shots and you can edit your website 24/7

Benefits of wedding website development

If you have developed a perfect personal wedding website prior to your wedding, it will surely ease your arrangements. You can even maintain your wedding schedules and guest lists inside the website. Having a website will surely cut down your budget for arrangements.

Online RSVP

As Social invitations are increasing RSVP has an important role. Guests can respond to you through online RSVP system in your website. When considered more all the responses will be kept in track as messages and you can easily reply them back in your free time

Direction to venue

Your wedding venue can be highlighted in a map shown in the website. Guests arriving from different locations just need to click that from their mobile; automatically Google map will direct them towards the location.

Share your story

You can share your story with friends and loved ones

Share photos & events

Share e-invitations to invite everyone in a special way

Mobile friendly

The mobile friendly website fits in different screens

Share socially

Celebrate the occasion with everyone by social sharing

Personalised URLs

Get your personalized domain to access with ease


Manage your Guest through the RSVP facility in website

Sharing the event

It is a fact that everyone you invited may not attend the function. They will be wishing to see the happenings of your big day. If you have an updated wedding website people who missed the event could know about your wedding and can be in touch with you.

Your friends and relatives who missed or took part in your wedding will be happy to know more about the special things happened. The website not only do the job of keeping track of your guests but you can also get your friends and relative informed about the wedding before and after the wedding

Updated Gallery

This will be the most interesting part of the website. Everyone will be eagerly waiting to see the pictures of your big day.

Online Guestbook

This will be a kind of interactive guest book where you can see the messages sent by your well-wishers. You can reply to them at your free time.

Wanna Save time & stress?

At Yarddiant personal wedding websites are developed exclusively for brides and grooms.This will be a unique website designed for your special day.

  • Couple login support & User-friendly dashboard
  • Beautiful themes and designs at Affordable cost
  • Your Own domain with marriage invitation
  • Interactive photo slides
  • Guest can post messages, stories, and photos

Wish to bring everyone close together?

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