Pay Per Click Advertising - The Benefits of Bidding for the Top Position


JAN| 2017

Pay Per Click Advertising - The Benefits of Bidding for the Top Position

When it comes to paid search, one of the top pieces of advice that have always been recommended by PPC advertising experts is that you should always bid to win the top spot. Having the top spot can make it feel like you have “won” out against other advertisers. In addition, it can also feel good to see your brand ahead of the competition on the search page. However, does obtaining the top position actually help your overall PPC campaign yield better results? Here are the benefits of bidding for the top paid search advertising position. Many eCommerce Development Company’s are marketing through pay per click.

Top Spot Yields More Impressions

Obtaining the top spot for your PPC ad often means a much higher rate of impressions for your ad. Most ad platforms will tell you exactly how many impressions you can expect to receive based on your bid. If you want users to click on your ads, they need to be able to see them first. Making sure that your ad receives the most impressions can ensure that your ad receives more click-throughs.

Lower Cost Per Acquisition

With more impressions leading to a higher click through rate, bidding for the top position also means a lower cost per acquisition. Your goal should always be to lower the cost per acquisition as you manage your campaign. Typically the cost per acquisition will be higher than your cost per click because not every person that clicks on your ad will end up making a purchase or signing up for your offer.

In most cases, your CPA is directly impacted by your Quality Score in Google Adwords, which refers to the quality of your ads, keywords and landing pages. By keeping your Quality Score, high and making sure to bid for the top spot, you can optimize the number of conversions that result from your ad spends.

Show Your Competitors That Your Approach Is Aggressive

Going after the top position when it comes to PPC advertising can show your competitors that your campaign is aggressive. As a result, this may encourage less competitive bidders to gradually opt out of going for the top spots for certain keywords over time. If your budget allows you to reach these desired targets, you must absolutely take an aggressive approach when it comes to PPC advertising. This is especially important if you have a time-sensitive campaign goal that needs to be met, such getting customers for a limited time offer.

These reasons demonstrate why the top position is so important for ads in a paid search advertising campaign. If you want to get the most from your ad spend, you need to make sure that you are always striving for the top position. However, if the costs of obtaining the top position continuously are putting a significant burden on your budget, it may be time to rethink your keywords, ad copy, and other campaign parameters. A professional PPC manager can assist you with adjusting your campaign so that it produces cost-effective results for your business.