On-Page SEO Tips for BlogSpot


JULY | 2015

Onpage SEO

On page SEO tips are those that have its own value in this field. These tips and tricks are beneficial in order to optimize the blog for search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing etc. If these are carefully read and applied then you will own a lovable and a trust worthy blog for the search engines. If these aren’t ignored and if optimized in a correct way then it is very much possible to get a traffic flow for your website blog.

  • Custom Robots Header Tags

  • In order to make the blogs more SEO friendly there are certain settings for the bloggers that they can personally do. One in that list is the Custom Robots Header Tags. It is very beneficial to use these header tags correctly and is easy to manage the settings.

  • Optimizing Titles of Blog Post

  • This is something that you should be careful about. If you are using a default template for your blog posts of your blogger there are chances that you will not be aware that the post titles aren’t optimized for the search engines. The post titles of the blog template should be edited for to make them properly optimized. There will a change in the traffic of your blog after when you do this.

  • Custom Robots.txt

  • There have to be certain guidelines for the bots (search engine) like Googlebot on how the crawling and indexing is to be done on the blog. Some of the non important page labels can be prevented from indexing in google that would prevent and help our blog from the duplicate content issues.

  • Image Optimization

  • Between the posts you may have noticed some relevant images on many of the blogs. It plays an important role in optimizing the blog post also with enhancing the entire look the content. If suitable images are used in the blog posts, it is then possible to gain more traffic from the search engines.