mCommerce and Its Advantages


MAR | 2016


We all know about ecommerce, which means we can buy things online. The eCommerce companies are targeted the smartphone users through mobile web sites and as a result of this mobile website, Mobile Commerce or M-commerce came in existence. Mcommerce can be described as business transactions that are made via mobile devices or optimizing your online business for mobile phones as an application. The technology behind m-commerce, which is based on the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol).

Advantages of Mobile Commerce

  • Instant contact – One-step calling

  • One click calling feature, Live chat assistance, and toll-free help desk benefit customers by improving accessibility towards business as an when they like. Even a slight delay will change customer’s preference.

  • Location Tracking

  • Location tracking can also help in providing assistance for customers in navigating directions or helping them find the nearest transportation service, etc.

  • Payments

  • In app payment transactions doesnt need third party payment gateways and are hosted by the platform itself. For example, iOS users can pay via Apple Pay, whereas Android users can pay via Google Wallet.

  • Easy to use

  • There is no need of skilled consumer. Buyers can have look thousands of items on their cell phones and there is no need of online checkout process.

    M-commerce is very beneficial and advantage for both type of businesses small scale and large scale. The main focus is completely on making products, data and services available for customers, however they are yet to feel the convenience and enjoy advantages and benefits of traditional product and service procurement.