Make Your WordPress Website Lightning Fast


OCT | 2016

Make Your WordPress Website Lightning Fast

Everyone looking for a lightning fast loading websites and slow loading will sometimes kill your website. Even small increase in page loading times can have dramatic output on website conversion rates. Nowadays Google algorithm has advanced, search engine too consider the website loading speed and decide where to rank it in their results page.

So keep in mind that everyone is looking for a fast loading website, your audience as well as search engines. Make sure that your website has lighting fast loading speed, thinking how can achieve it. No worry about it there has lot of techniques to improve the WordPress website performances. Like switching to a faster loading theme, installing supporting WordPress plugins, choose better performances host provider- both free and paid available to improve the performances of your website.

The purpose of your website is for fun or for profit it makes sense to do all you can to improve its page loading time. By improving that you can deliver a good user experiences as well as increase the rank of your website in the search results.

Before that check your current website page loading time and evaluate. Some of your website has already sufficient speed then it’s well and good. Others might need some improvement to fasten the loading time. To check your website you can use Google PageSpeed Insights. Let us see some techniques to improve page loading time.

Upgrade Your plugins and Themes

Keep your plugins and themes up-to-date in order keep your WordPress website secured. All updates have a good chance that they may be optimized for loading speed.

Avoid Redundant Themes and Plugins

By the time of updating plugins and themes, check which all plugins and themes are active on your website. There are chances that you might be using one or two themes on your WordPress site. So remove unnecessary file to improve the page loading time.

Install Caching Plugin

After update of plugins and themes next step you have to install a caching plugins. These plugins can create a static version of your website which helps to improve your site speed.

Image Optimization

Always upload optimized images on your website without optimization your page load very slow and you’re forcing your visitors to download large files unnecessarily. This can done using WordPress plugins.