Is Facebook Ads a better marketing technique?


March | 2018

Is Facebook Ads, a better marketing technique?

We all know that Marketing methods have been changed in last few years. Digital marketing has brought tremendous changes in the industry.

Most of our Clients are confused that which digital marketing will bring them the exact pitch. If you are a big brand like Nike, Pepsi, Samsung etc. you can market your product in every media by spending money. If you are one among the small enterprises, you should find the best effective and reliable digital marketing method for your business. Most of the products and service have big reach in Facebook as there are many direct customers. If you have a limited budget for marketing, Facebook will be the best option.

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Why Facebook, and no other social medias?

Today social media’s have wide influence in almost every industry.. Few years back it was difficult to reach the customers in the absence of social media. Now there are different social media’s having large user base. Every social media is having advertisement plans also. But Facebook stand way apart in the number of users. According to the fourth quarter of 2017 Facebook had 2.2 billion active users. This makes Facebook one of the biggest advertising brands when compared to other social media’s.

How Facebook advertising becomes Effective?

Now let’s have a look on the factors that establish Facebook as the most effective social media platform in terms of advertisements

1.Targeted Audience

Total number of Facebook users is very high compared to other social media platforms. The “lookalike” audience in Facebook favors a potential reach among the custom audience.

2. Cheap advertisements

The advertisement cost in Facebook is less. Every normal person can run a campaign of Facebook Ads

3. Large mobile audience

Face book has over 1.74 billion mobile users who are using it in a daily basis. With the introduction of 4G people started using Facebook application every now and then

4. Extensive analytics

The performance of the ad is reported well in analytics. If you are maintaining a page, you can see information’s like page views, likes and post engagements from the insights tab. The structured reports from the analytics make it easy for running ad campaigns.

All the above factors underline the fact that Facebook is the best advertisement platform when it comes to digital marketing