Interesting Facts About Wordpress


AUGUST | 2017

Interesting Facts About Wordpress

Ownership of Wordpress

Most of us think that wordpress is a company with large number of employees. But the fact is not like that. Wordpress is an opensource project with thousands of developers as volunteers all around the world. All these expert developers workto make the WordPress platform better and best.Any one of us can report the errors that we see. Similarly all our suggestions about wordpress is taken care off during the launch of newer versions of WordPress. There will be decision making team from the volunteers who keep aside certain suggestions from every user to bring them in the latest update of WordPress.

Open Source

We discussed above that WordPress is an open source. It works under GNU GPL license. Being an open source Wordpress can be easily downloaded by anyone. The source code of WordPress is freely available for modification, use and study purpose.

Power of WordPress

WordPress based products are sold by hundreds of companies and thousands of professionals, all over the world. Excellent opportunities are provided by WordPress to build business based on digital existence.

WordPress Powers many government- websites

Around 27 percentages of total websites are built in WordPress. All these websites have been running successfully in different verticals. Many of the Government websites are powered in WordPress. This shows the dependency of people towards the best content management system.

Education via WordPress

WordPress has surely served many international universities and schools. This is mainly because of its open source nature .Many students started learning website development through WordPress. More advanced students contribute to further enhancement of WordPress plugins and themes.

Meet ups

Under the umbrella of the wordpress foundation, many meet-ups are organized by the local communities. In 2016, around 62,566 users attended the meetups. There were 3193 meet-ups held in 58 countries.

Sister Project

WordPress has some sister projects also. Buddy Press is one among. These are also maintained by the community behind wordpress. These open source platforms keep all the principles of WordPress.