Installing WordPress Using Wamp


AUG | 2015

Wordpress Installation using Wamp

Wamp or Wamp server is a compilation of Apache webserver, Php, and MySQL bundled for windows computer. The process of installing WordPress using wamp is given here. The popularity of WordPress is increasing day by day. WordPress is the most popular online publishing platforms currently powering more than 20% of the web. In this article we will show you how to install WordPress on your windows computer using wamp. Having a local server environment is great for learning and testing purposes.

Steps for installing WordPress:-

  • Download the wamp server and install it on your computer and start the wamp.

  • Copy the downloaded WordPress zip file to the directory of wamp

  • ("wamp→www →paste zip here")

  • Then, open the "localhost/phpmyadmin/" from your web browser and now create a database for Wordpress.

  • Select the copied folder from your localhost.

  • Click on the option “Create a Configuration File" and click the button "Let’s Go”.

  • Now you want to fill the database connection and the general setting informations and click the button install WordPress.

  • You are now successfully installed the WordPress and you can now enjoy the WordPress services by login to your account.

When you familiar with this platform, you can do anything from blogging to making a website. By using this new technology you can make website for business environment. Many WordPress theme and plugin developers use local web server for their testing purposes. Apache is a web server which serves html and php pages and mysql server is a database server which is used to create databases. Wamp combines these all to a single application, so it is easy to install and to use.