How to Turn Your Fashion Blog into Business


AUG | 2016

how to turn fashion blog into business

Some of the top fashion bloggers are making up to six figures a year from travel, and receive free high-end products on a weekly basis. For many fashion bloggers, they are originally started as a hobby now which turned into a revenue-generating social phenomenon. Brands are looking to advertises on successful fashion blog, hoping to capture ready-made audiences. If you are fashion savvy, creative, and aim to captivate, this is where your passions and talents can come together. Here are listed a few secrets to becoming a successful fashion blogger.

  • Create a Blog

  • A successful blog won’t just fall into your lap. If you want to make money, your blog has to appeal to both fellow fashion companies and fashion lovers. All of this starts with engaging people to your website first. WordPress has become one of the largest fashion blogging communities. The important thing about WordPress is that you can create your own domain name as well as choose amongst thousands of templates to use.

  • Be True to Your Brand Identity

  • Be genuine. Before settling on your products, you’ll have to describe what is so unique about your style and why people should follow you in the first place. One of the best ways fashion bloggers make money is through affiliate marketing. Fashion bloggers actually get paid every time someone purchases a product on their website. What will set you apart from others are simply being you. These days, consumers want an organic relationship, so promote the products you truly love rather than show casing something that you think others may want. As you create a personal identity within your fashion blog, you will essentially become the brand.

  • Engage Diversely through Instagram

  • Fashion blogs are all structured around photos which is why Instagram has become a very successful medium. Make your Instagram engaging and diverse by showing the world what excites you the most. Instead of promoting brands, showcase your personality along with it. Think along favourite foods, lines of daily activities, your own inspiration, your home life and personal goals-anything that can evoke emotion.

Adding your own personality to the mix will attract your followers in a way that could not be achieved otherwise. The unique “something” is what will take your fashion blog to the top and make you stand out amongst the rest.