How to Start a Fashion Blog


JUL | 2016

start fashion blog

How to start a fashion blog is a easy step by step guide to start your own fashion blogs and to make money with it and tips for wearing the popular styles well.

A fashion blog is a place where fashion brands, fashion shows, celebrities, new trends or personal style are presented for those passionate about fashion industry. Personal fashion blogs are mainly focused on the style of the writer. Fashion blog is a niche that’s fun and exciting, which cover many things such as specific items of accessories and clothing, beauty tips, street fashion trends and celebrity fashion choices. If you want to start an amazing fashion blog and become a successful fashion blogger, these tips will help you to get started and succeed.

  • Good pictures are important

  • If you’re going to be a good fashion blogger and create original photo content, getting your photo skills up is important. Getting to know how to utilise your surroundings is important– the best way to do this is to look at fashion magazines and blogger pictures and find what you like.

  • Being yourself is always best

  • Writing genuine and engaging content is always easier when it comes from the heart. The more you give of your genuine self, the more beautiful your fashion blog will be. You don’t need to be the coolest, the thinnest, the best dressed– you just got to be you.

  • Play your strengths

  • Don’t feel like you have to suddenly blog about runway shows during fashion week just because it’s happening. Figure out your strong points and work for them.

  • Find satisfaction in your own journey

  • Don’t feel like you have to measure up to anyone else with your followers or statistics or anything like that. What you’re doing is going to be worth if you’re writing with passion.

  • Publish the most incredible content your brain can manage

  • Blogging is hard work. Sometimes it takes two or three days to write one blog post. You must have to make your brain work really damn hard.

  • Be consistent

  • If you want to make your fashion blog grow in popularity, one thing that you can trust is posting regularly is going to help you significantly.

  • No posts is better than a bad blog post

  • Just do your best – this rule apply for instagram, otherwise you’ll lose followers.

  • Network

  • Make friends with your readers and other bloggers that are already way more awesome than you and might be able to give you a helping hand. Get on Google+ communities or Twitter search and start spying on the best fashion bloggers. Then make contact, share content, start discussions such as forums and comment areas.