How to speed up your Wordpress Website


JAN | 2016

Speed up your Wordpress Website

One of the most powerful web platform that is been used today is wordpress. Wordpress is a good platform for setting up websites and blogs along with that it is also well suited for the running of online websites. For a website or service speed is one of the most important quality that it should posses and Wordpress is not an exception in that case. First impression is first impression and you will never get a second chance to make it. Therefore it is important to ensure the quality so that the clients do not leave your website for any reason. Here we have given some ways that will improve your website load speed and performance.

  • Choose a Good Host

  • Getting a good website host is like a foundation for running your website and it is the first thing to be considered and addressed while working in an improved site speed. In this highly competitive market there are many hosting companies which is worth for shopping around.

  • Use of CDN

  • A content Distribution Network or a Content Delivery Network is a system of servers distributed, that gives website pages and other web related resources to a user. This is based on the geographical location of the user.

  • Caching

  • For the temporary storage of content like images, pages and such other files is termed as caching. These contents are saved and stored on visitor’s local drive as a cache so that when someone requests again they could be loaded faster.

  • Optimization of database

  • Most of the times wordpress auto saves the data such as unwanted revisions, ping-backs, unapproved comments, trackbacks or comments that have been marked as spam. Wordpress database can become fragmented. WP optimize plugin can be used to optimize the database or WP-DB manager that enable optimize your database and also schedule dates for its regular optimization.