How to make fascinating ecommerce content


APR | 2015

eCommerce Content

For the support of social media, promotional activities and merchandising, in creating the content there are mainly two ways. One is managing the process with the available staffs that you have and other one is creation of the outsource contract content to the agencies and the professional writers. There may be no qualified writer as staff for composing interesting contents and posts.

Content types

The given below are the list of content types that the ecommerce merchants are to create for ecommerce website development . Although there are many other venues for considering this is better place for a start.

  • Product content

  • Includes images, descriptions, videos, options and much more.

  • Home Page Content

  • This includes creation of compelling content on the home page and regular refresh. It also focuses on seasonal products and themes.

  • Content Merchandise

  • Landing pages for promotions or ads and category descriptions are included in this.

  • Blogs

  • Posting about the customers, trends, your company, industry, products, employees and the success. Make sure to keep the posts in between 200 to 500 words of length.

  • Newsletters

  • This can be linked to the blog posts keeping them short and relevant including video and images.

  • Pinterest board

  • Pinterest boards will feature your products and also show how they have been used.

  • Twitter

  • Twitter is used for the communication of customer service matters, new products and their promotions. Here you will be limited to 140 characters. But images have no restrictions and they are welcome. Tweets can be categorised by using hash tags.

  • Facebook Posts

  • This is where you can write about the trends, post images as you like and also involve and engage in the dialog with the followers.

  • Tumbler Posts

  • It is an additional or an alternative place for blogging.