How to Lower Bounce Rate on Your WordPress Site


OCT | 2016

lower Bounce Rate WordPress

Everyone wants to lower bounce rate and hold the visitors to spend more time on their site. Bounce rate increase when a visitor exits your website from the landing page without visiting any other page. According to experts the average bounce rate in industries is about 45% and higher bounce rate for blogs. The lower bounce rate shows that the visitor impressed on your website and there are many ways to keep the visitor for a long time on your website, WordPress sites have lot of plugins to reduce bounce rate of your website. Let us see how WordPress Development Company makes happy their clients by reducing bounce rate for their sites.

Keep your Promise

There should be some reason to visit your website, looking for something either information on some topic or something else you offered them in your title or Meta part. So don’t disappoint them try to make good on your promise and deliver what you offer. If you deliver what you offer, your visitor would like to stick around your site for a long time. But if you don’t go with your promise they will hit the back button and be recorded as a bounce.

Optimize – Page Loading Speed

One of the important thing is page loading speed, you can’t say any excuse in the super-fast internet world. All your visitors need your page to load in seconds of time and if it doesn’t your visitor is gone and be recorded as a bounce. But WordPress has solution for it by adding plugins to your website like W3 Total Cache and WP Rocket which will improve the user experience by improving sever performance, lower the download time and by providing transparent Content Delivery Network (CDN) integration. All together will improve your website speed and lower your bounce rate.

Optimize Your Images

Optimizing your images will not only help your page to load faster, but also decrease the load on your server. There are many plugins available with WordPress for image optimization which can compress your images by over 50% before uploading to site and it comes with many useful functions.

Add Videos

Videos are one of the attractive and most engaging forms of content online that is why internet users spend lot of time on YouTube and related sites. By adding videos into your website or blog post can keep your visitors to spend more time on your website. Make sure that the video is related to the topic users search.